Remote Internships

Office Based Internships

Why Asia?

Asia is an excellent choice for students who are looking for a diverse, practical and professional internship experience while they are enjoying their time exploring beautiful Asian cities.

  • Live and travel around vibrant cities.
  • Add value to your resume.
  • Learn how to be a Remote Intern
  • Learn hands-on skills in Asia’s emerging markets
  • Broaden your perspectives by getting to know different working cultures.
  • Expand your professional network and explore your career opportunities in a fast-developing continent.

It can be complicated to find internships in Asia, that’s why we help European students start their careers with an adventure in Asia fast, convenient and affordable.


We are the first Internship portal that offers Remote Interships as well as Office-Based Internships. 

Remote Internship Programs

– Work remote and travel around!

– Get the chance to do your internship remotely from islands, highlands and vibrant cities in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, China, South Korea and Japan.

– Start your career as a Remote Intern and learn how to work location independent.

Office-Based Internship Programs

– Work in one of our partner offices in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Singapore.

– Experience the day to day working culture of professional Southeast Asian companies.

– Explore the neighbouring cities and countries on holidays and weekends.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Browse through our open positions here.

Step 2: Send your profile and resume to the open(s) position(s) you like.

Step 3: We will then check your profile and arrange an online interview with the company.

Step 4: Once you are accepted, you can proceed to the payment of the fee.

Program fees are between 400 to 600 Euros depending on the position. *

– Payment is only needed after your acceptance.

– If you are not accepted in the interview, we will find another opening and arrange another interview.

– We only help with internship placement in the field of your choice; we do not provide any additional services such as accommodation, transportation, sim-card, etc. 

– Our partners offer paid and unpaid internships depending on your experience, destination, and field of interest. However, most of the Asian companies prefer unpaid interns due to the visa and tax regulations and compensate interns by a monthly allowance.

– The entire process usually takes less than 2 weeks. 

– If needed, our team will arrange a 30 minutes free consultation to explore your options and answer all your questions.

– There is no refund after payment and internship acceptance from Movinant and our partners, more information: Terms and Conditions