I am from Paris, and I never traveled further than Europe before. I needed to do an internship during my management studies. When looking for opportunities, I found Movinant internship programs. Few weeks after the whole process I was in Malaysia!

How was your internship like?

Internships in Asia

Sebastien’s office

I was working as a Digital Marketing Intern for a big company for 3 months. It was great overall; I learned a lot of practical skills during this period. My supervisors and the team were supportive and took the time to explain to me everything I needed to know.

How was your integration in your team and to Asian work culture?

Intern with his coworker sharing food during his internship in asia time

Sebastien and his coworker at lunch time

It was a bit disconcerting at the beginning I would say! Everything was very different from was I was used to, but I think that after two weeks I was already adapted to this whole new way of life. Everyone on the team was pretty cool with me, and we were usually hanging out a lot together for lunch breaks or dinner!

What did you like the most about your experience?

Sebastien in Langkawi during his internship in Malaysia

Langkawi Island

Hmm, I would probably say that it’s the country itself! Malaysia is a lovely country; it is very different from what I thought it would be. Malaysian people were friendly, a lot of was curious, and I was often asked where I came from (mostly the taxi drivers lol). Traveling around is somewhat very affordable if you plan everything and the landscapes were incredible! My favorite place was Langkawi Island, but I also went to different cities like Penang or Malacca and others island like Tioman.

What did you like the least in Malaysia?

Sebastien's friend in his pool during his internship

Sebastien’s friend in his pool

To be honest, I can’t think of any bad point. Maybe I would say that it was a bit hard to adjust to the weather in the beginning. Here it’s really hot and humid, coming from Paris it was a bit of a shock! The great thing is that almost every condo have amazing swimming pools to relax. I also kind of missed French food. However, the food is great here due to the different culture living in Kuala Lumpur you can almost eat everything you want (I loved the local Indian restaurants, haha, and it was most of the time cheap to eat there).

Tell us a bit more about your daily intern life in Kuala Lumpur?

Sebastien in Taman Negara with his friend during his internship

Sebastien and his friend in Taman Negara

I wanted to live in the city center of Kuala Lumpur because everything is more accessible when you want to eat or go out on the weekends (there’s a lot of stuff to do lol). The only problem was that my office was a bit far from where I lived, so I had to take the public transportation. But, public transportation in KL is excellent and it was effortless to travel from home to work every day. The good thing is when I was feeling lazy I could always take Grabcars that are the local Uber to go home which were faster but still very affordable. Otherwise, I was working from 8 am to 5 pm with a one-hour lunch break. We usually went to eat in local restaurants as I told you before!

Finally, would you come back here? Do you have something to tell students that are wondering to do their internship in Asia?

Kuala Lumpur during Movinant internships

Sebastien picture from Helipad Bar Rooftop

Of course, I want to come here again! Maybe not in Malaysia but for sure in another South East Asian country like Thailand or Singapore to explore even more different areas. I would say to students that an internship in Asia or Malaysia like me is a great experience. You will see a lot of different places and meet so many different people that you will never want to go back home. I also really enjoyed being an intern, and I have learned many useful marketing techniques.

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